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What Kind Of Outdoor Plastic Dining Chair Is The Safest Option In The Outdoors?
- Aug 16, 2017 -

What kind of outdoor Plastic Dining Chair is the safest option in the outdoors?
    Of course, is short, there is a Plastic Dining Chair for the back of the most suitable for the elderly
    After the old man, sit and stand to be careful, otherwise it may be injured. Professor Yang Li of the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine pointed out that for the elderly, sitting time may be longer than lying time, so prepare a highly appropriate, soft and hard Plastic Dining Chair is particularly important.
The best Plastic Dining Chair, height should be 5 cm shorter than the height of the heel to the knee; the best has a hard back; the chair is the best elastic, but not too soft, like a plastic Plastic Dining Chair is a good choice , But also in the Plastic Dining Chair put a soft cushion, put a footrest at the foot, so that the legs can be flat to prevent lower limb ischemia.
   1. The height of the chair should be equal to the height of the leg below the knee, that is, when the old man is sitting, the foot can be flat on the ground.
    2. The weight of the chair should be appropriate, too light, it is difficult to maintain a certain degree of stability.
    3. with a pulley turn the chair is best not to sit because of its poor stability, and for some of the elderly, often rocking chairs can cause dizziness and other symptoms, when the accident is also prone to accidents.
With the further improvement of people's lives, the pace of social life is gradually accelerating. So people in the busy leisure life becomes more and more important. The Plastic Dining Chair is one of the important elements of leisure life. Now the Plastic Dining Chair can be divided into indoor Plastic Dining Chair and outdoor Plastic Dining Chair two. What are the differences between the two Plastic Dining Chairs? The next step by Jinhui machinery for everyone to bring indoor Plastic Dining Chairs and outdoor Plastic Dining Chair of the difference.
First, function
1, indoor Plastic Dining Chair: versatile, can be placed in the family or other indoor places, single or multi-person sitting, some Plastic Dining Chair also provides bed function;
2, outdoor Plastic Dining Chair: a single function, mainly placed in parks, residential, roadside and other outdoor places. Many people use, for outdoor cool, open and so on;
Second, beautiful
1, indoor Plastic Dining Chair: visual effects and environmental coordination, modeling creative highlight the theme;
2, outdoor Plastic Dining Chair: visual effects on the main and outdoor environment coordination, and more use of wood, hemp and other natural materials, modeling creativity, nice, approachable, without special luxury;
Third, practical
1, indoor Plastic Dining Chair: sit up comfortable, can sit down, so that there is relaxation;
2, outdoor Plastic Dining Chair: fire, security, anti-corrosion, to meet the rest of people without disturbing each other;
Four materials
1, indoor Plastic Dining Chair: can not use toxic or harmful materials, easy to clean. Structural parts must be strong and reliable, in the normal use of the case may not be structural problems.
2, outdoor Plastic Dining Chair: can not use toxic or harmful materials, easy to clean. Due to the special nature of outdoor use, the general use of wood: preservative wood, imported camphor, Russian camphor pine, plastic wood and other materials, these wood has a strong outdoor anti-corrosion effect, and marble or hemp need a good texture Anti-human damage. So the steel structure to be anti-corrosion treatment, anti-rain and man-made damage.
The above is the difference between indoor Plastic Dining Chairs and outdoor Plastic Dining Chairs, after a day or a busy job, after learning, why not put the work or study temporarily put it relaxed? While the Plastic Dining Chair will be able to bring you unlimited comfort, stylish home life to enjoy.