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What Kind Of Chair Can Be Counted On The Stunner
- Sep 01, 2018 -

What kind of chair can be counted on the "stunner"

A good bar chair must be ergonomically designed and considered from the comfort of the seat, the fit of the seat, and the adjustability of the seat.

What is ergonomics? The implication is that the tools we use are as close as possible to the natural form of the human body, thus reducing the fatigue that people experience during use.



1. The comfort of the chair of the bar chair

The seat of the bar chair should conform to the three-dimensional surface of the human body curve, and the three requirements must be met:

●The curved seat can increase the contact area between the bottom of the thigh and the buttocks and the seat, so that the pressure is evenly dispersed.

● If it is slightly inclined, it has the effect of stabilizing the pelvis and avoids slipping after sitting up.

●The sleek seat design reduces friction and contact on the inside of the knee joint, which is good for health.



2. The fit of the bar chair

The bar chair adjusts with the movement of people, making people sit more comfortable and casual. For example, a bar chair with wheels and pulleys can be moved over a longer distance, and a rotating bar chair can be converted in situ.



3. The height of the bar chair (adjustability)


The height is suitable for people to keep comfortable. The height of the bar chair depends on the bar. Generally speaking, the chair height should be 20-35 cm lower than the height of the table.

The height of the bar chair required for each person's height is not the same, so be sure to choose a height-adjustable bar chair. The height adjustment of the bar chair has a range, so it is also necessary to see if the height adjustment range is suitable for your needs. Generally, the lifting range is within 20 cm.

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