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What Are The Types Of Bar Chairs
- Sep 01, 2018 -

What are the types of bar chairs?

According to the main materials, there are steel wood, solid wood, curved wood bar chairs, as well as acrylic, metal, rattan bar chairs, leather, fabric, plastic bar chairs are also more common.


The solid wood and curved wood bar chairs reveal the original simplicity, and there is no specific style tendency. Only the selected styles are consistent with the space style.


Metal, steel, acrylic, bar chairs give a hard, rough first impression, suitable for modern industrial style.


The bar chair, which uses a sense of line and metal and acrylic texture, prefers to express a modern minimalist style.


The rattan products themselves give a natural and original feeling, whether it is the interpretation of Southeast Asian style, American pastoral style, or Chinese style.


In fact, the combination of fabric and metal and solid wood is widely used. Neoclassical, European style, light luxury, or romantic French, can produce versatile effects. (The picture shows the Zippen's bar chair, with the temperament of the British new aristocracy, highlighting the exquisite carving beauty.)

According to the performance of the points: pneumatic lift bar chair, spiral lift bar chair, rotating bar chair, fixed bar chair.

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