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What Are The Characteristics Of Bar Chairs
- Jan 27, 2018 -

What are the characteristics of bar chairs?

The shape of the bar chair is similar to that of an ordinary chair, but the seat surface is higher from the ground, and the size of the bar chair seat surface is usually 650-900 mm. Bar chairs with a modern and metallic feel, the general can rotate 360 degrees.

Bar chairs in the chair industry products in recent years to develop and produce derivatives, bar chairs mainly by the office of the general accessories such as gas springs, trays, casters, and its unique speaker plate, seat plate and other accessories. In recent years, with the diversification of chair products and styles brought by the market refinement, some enterprises have set their sights on the market and successively developed and produced bar chairs and have become another major series in the chair industry. However, there is no national, industry or local standards for the products, and no corresponding internal control standards have been formulated by the enterprises. As a result, the production process is not standardized, the quality indicators are not uniform, the product quality varies greatly, resulting in the product personality and advantages can not be reflected, the test results can not be determined The actual situation has seriously hampered the sustainable development of Anji chair industry, but also seriously affected the entire Anji chair industry reputation.

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