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The Time On The Bar, The Distance To The Heart
- Sep 01, 2018 -

Bar Chair

The time on the bar, the distance to the heart

Human communication is a way of gathering. We have a series of activities such as meeting, chilling, and talking in restaurants, pubs, cafes, and dessert houses.

All kinds of heads meet and rely on a bar chair to delay the separation time. The bar chair is like a stop in the world. People sit in their own positions and look through the glass windows.



Unfortunately, there is always a time limit for the aggregation time of public areas. But if you like, you can actually have no such deadline.

Let Ta come home to be a guest, and invite the distinguished guests to have a pleasant afternoon or evening. Because you have moved the bar and bar into your own home.

Remember, your home will never have business hours and will never fight. Because you are the master here.

Bar chair is a young, casual and popular representative

Many people have realized the island design in the kitchen and have a small bar. It is self-evident that the atmosphere of the bar is made with light, and one of the elements that is often overlooked is the bar chair.

The bar chair that combines aesthetics and practicality is obviously the protagonist of the activation bar area. What you may not know is that the bar chair was first used in bars, and then popular in restaurants, cafes, dessert houses, department stores and other leisure spaces, saying that it represents young, casual and popular temperament.



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