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The Maintenance Of The Dining Chair
- Jul 14, 2018 -

The main advantages of solid chair are natural wood grain and varied natural colors. As solid wood is a continuous breathing organism, it is suggested that it should be placed in a suitable environment for temperature and humidity, and that beverages, chemicals or overheated objects should be avoided on the surface so as not to damage the natural color of the wood surface. If it is a good material, when the dirt is more dirt, use the diluted neutral detergent to wipe it with warm water first, then wipe out with clear water, remember to wipe away the water stains with soft dry cloth, and then clean it completely, then use the maintenance wax to shine, even if the daily cleaning and maintenance are reconsidered, the wood can be made to make wood. The furniture has been a long period of time.

Maintenance and maintenance of solid wood dining chair

1: pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the surface of the table and chair. Use pure cotton dry soft cloth to gently wipe off the surface of the surface dust, every other time, with the wet cotton silk to dry the table chair corner corner of the dust fine wipe clean, then clean dry soft and fine cotton cloth wiped. Avoid using alcohol, gasoline or other chemical solvents to remove stains.

2: the surface of the table and chair, if there is a stain, must not vigorously wipe, can be used warm tea water to remove the stains gently, until the water volatilization in the original part of the original part of the Xu Guang wax, and then gently grinding several times to form a protective film.

3: avoid hard scratching. When cleaning, do not make cleaning tools touch the table chair, usually pay attention, do not let hard metal products or other tools to collision table chair, protect its surface does not appear scratch marks.

4: avoid wet environment. In the summer, if there is a flood in the room, it is appropriate to use thin rubber pads to separate the parts of the table and chair from the ground, and keep the gap between the wall and the wall of the table and the wall with the wall of 0.5-1 centimeter.

5: away from the heat source. In winter, it is better to put the table and chair in a place about 1 meters away from the heating flow, to avoid a long time baking, so that the lumber will be partially cracked, the distortion of the film and the local metamorphism of the film appear.

6: avoid direct sunlight. Outdoor sunlight should be avoided as long as the table and chair are exposed to the whole or part of the place for a long time, so it is best to place them in places where sunlight can be avoided. In this way, indoor lighting and indoor dining tables and chairs can be protected.

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