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The Daily Maintenance Of Plastic Dining Chair
- Aug 28, 2017 -

The daily maintenance of Plastic Dining Chair
Plastic Dining Chair is now using the range is constantly expanding from the card board market, Plastic Dining Chair market prospects are very good, and its use will help the relevant industries to improve efficiency, to meet the growing development of these industries Of the transport needs. However, everyone in the use of Plastic Dining Chair in the process, the city Longchang Ming Plastic Dining Chair manufacturers to remind you need to know some of the common sense of Plastic Dining Chair maintenance, this can extend the service life of the card board. 1. When using the Plastic Dining Chair, pay attention to gently, do not let the card board uneven force situation, otherwise it is easy to damage the card board. 2. If it is stacking the use of Plastic Dining Chair, to see the bottom of the piece of card board load-bearing capacity, there is no damage to the situation, if any, to timely reduce the weight. 3. When placing the goods, it is best to place the average, so you can avoid the ups and downs when handling, there side of the situation. 4. When using Plastic Dining Chair to transport the goods, to consider the size of the goods can not meet the use of Plastic Dining Chair, to avoid the size is not appropriate and bear the Plastic Dining Chair. 5. In order to make the card board in the course of use is not damaged, we recommend the use of packaging code in the form of the goods put on the card board, which is conducive to the loading and unloading of the card board. Of course, the Plastic Dining Chair there are many daily maintenance knowledge, we have to know more about the maintenance of some Plastic Dining Chair knowledge, when used more attention, so that the use of Plastic Dining Chair longer Oh.
Plastic chair production for so many years, many people asked the plastic chair material in the end what kind of material is good, Plastic Dining Chair mainly made of polyethylene PE and polypropylene PP material, where Longchang Ming plastic can be responsible person told We are absolutely PE (polyethylene) material is better, why polyethylene PE than polypropylene PP material good points can be summarized in two points; from polyethylene PE and polypropylene PP material performance characteristics are different, polyethylene PE hardness High, high support, polypropylene PP high flexibility, can be bent, can contain everything. Second: plastic chairs are different from plastic barrels and plastic baskets, pallets are used to carry and squeeze, but plastic barrels and plastic baskets are used to wrap things, such as the weight of your bucket of water, Said his power is wrapped, the force is omnidirectional, need to have toughness to contain, and a bucket of water on the weight of Plastic Dining Chair, is to pressure, face down, so the force is not The same as this coincides with the first polyethylene PE and polypropylene PP material properties are different. This is why most of the plastic barrels and baskets with polypropylene PP, and eat the things with polyethylene polyethylene, and then such as plastic chairs and plastic square stool, you must do with polyethylene PE, because the chair and the stool is going to support Weight of.
Plastic Dining Chair relative to the wooden pallets, the Plastic Dining Chair will not be corroded, can be directly washed with water, piled up in the Plastic Dining Chair is nothing more than dust, oil, etc., with water guns directly normal cleaning rinsing, as long as regular cleaning Plastic Dining Chair Easy to keep clean. Lattice type and flat type Plastic Dining Chair can be washed directly with water if the long-term access to clean Plastic Dining Chair, of course, the grid type flat is slightly slower than the type of cleaning, but also with the cleaning water. Used to clean up the use of high places, such as supermarkets, shopping malls and other clean room, we can properly clean up some cleaning agent requirements, so that you can make your plastic chair bright as new, which is the most basic cleaning method , It is also very simple to help us to reduce a lot of time.