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The Board Is The Key Factor That Determines The Quality Of Plastic Dining Chair
- Jul 25, 2017 -

The board is the key factor that determines the quality of Plastic Dining Chair

Board is the key factor that determines the quality of Plastic Dining Chair, so what key points should Plastic Dining Chair master when making laminar?

First, follow the principle of symmetry. Veneer on either side of the center of symmetry plane, regardless of trees, veneer thickness, layer number, manufacture method, the fiber direction and the moisture content of veneer should correspond to each other, namely the symmetry principle of plywood layer corresponding to different direction on both sides of the center plane stress are equal in size, support in the plywood moisture content change, stable structure, not deformation, cracking and other defects. For the heat in the process of eating food in plastic chairs, and the use of clean cleaning and so on will cause water in the process of change, fast impact plastic deformation of eat chair desktop play a important role in stability of checks and balances, maintain the appearance of the perfect effect.

The odd layer principle is also an important principle. Since the structure of plywood is to be perpendicular to each other in the fiber direction of the adjacent layers, it must be in accordance with the principle of symmetry, so the total number of layers must be odd. The maximum horizontal shear stress on the laminated plywood of the Plastic Dining Chair makes it have a great strength. This can support the board to achieve the desired long service life.

In the restaurant, the most important furniture first plastic chair, of course, compared with the ancient and modern plastic chairs, with substantial changes, in ancient times, most of the points table and eat, eat plastic chair also called case, diners in each case, mostly small and light food case, han dynasty arises because Liang Hongzhi wife meng and its goodwill, day by day "JuAnJiMei" in the stories of the food for him, but in modern times, "JuAnJiMei" is almost impossible, because modern plastic chair size large and heavy, the diner together and for dinner, so plastic chairs for family reunion, harmony between husband and wife, feng shui, feng shui on plastic chairs, dong teacher, summarizes the following ten points for attention, for your reference:

1, plastic chair appropriate chooses circular or square: traditional Chinese cosmology is pine-covered grounds, so most of daily appliance is given priority to with circular and square, the traditional plastic chair is a typical example. The traditional Plastic Dining Chair is like a full moon, which symbolizes the reunion of the old and the young, the intimacy of the family, and the gathering of the people, the atmosphere that can be very good for the eating, has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. As for the square Plastic Dining Chair, the small one can sit only four people, call the four fairy table; Big eight people can sit, also called square table, because it symbolizes the eight immortals party, also very lucky, founder smooth, symbol of fair and stable, although quadrilateral with horns, but because of not Angle without damaging, being ready to be used. Because the shape of Plastic Dining Chair can affect the atmosphere that enters a meal, so wooden round table or square table is suitable in the family population younger, and ellipse or long square table is applicable in the population more time.

2, should pay attention to: the quality of a material of plastic chair plastic chair surface based on easy cleaning, marble and glass desktop is relatively hard, cold, artistic sense is stronger, but because of its easy to absorb the energies of the body after eating quickly, is not conducive to diners sit talk about communication, so should not be used for all plastic chairs, but can be by shape and texture to mediate, such as: round marble dining tables or square wooden desk, etc., have these combinations can bring good effect.

3 there are sharp corners, plastic chair most avoid is: pee more sharp Angle Angle, damage is also taboo in fengshui, as triangle plastic chairs can lead to blood feud, your family's health is impaired, prismatic plastic chair leads to money leaks, etc.

As to the Plastic Dining Chair of the wave shape water shape, although contrary to tradition, but because there is no sharp Angle, so can be reluctant to choose. All in all, Plastic Dining Chair is always round and square is appropriate.