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The Bar Chair Market Is Becoming More And More Mature
- Jul 14, 2017 -

The Bar Chair market is becoming more and more mature

A Bar Chair, which refers to the seat furniture used in public places, which covers the indoor and outdoor seats required for public places such as stadiums, theaters, lecture halls and public green Spaces. In the past five years, the national fitness and sports benefit movement has been carried out throughout the country. A number of stadiums have been built in various places. With the implementation of cultural huimin project in China, new movie theaters have sprung up in the provinces, cities and counties. A large number of bar and chair procurement projects followed. From January 1 to December 27, 2012, there were 124 purchase items of the bar and chair in China, which totaled 934.314 thousand yuan. Among them, the total amount of total purchase of seats and theater seats in sports stadiums accounted for 53.37% of the total.

Now, the Bar Chair purchase has a certain scale, has formed the stadium seat, stage seat, conference seat, outdoor leisure seat and so on many market segments, the corresponding professional manufacturer keeps increasing. At the same time, the Bar Chair government procurement project is gradually increasing, the furniture of Beijing, guangdong and other places the furniture point agreement item, specially the seat is subcontracted, choose the seat supplier.

Separate subcontracting to professional manufacturers

On December 26, the Beijing municipal administrative institution of the year's office furniture agreement of the year's office of the designated procurement project was officially opened at haidian district xintai building. The Beijing municipal government procurement center has specifically subcontracted the "movie theater and sports venue Bar Chair". Deng XiangFa bid evaluation experts believe that the move is conducive to attract up to the standard of professional theaters, sports venues seats suppliers to join the agreement that decide a dot, reflected from the side Bar Chair purchase specialization degree deepening trend.

Designated project actually deal in furniture, Bar Chair separate subcontract the precedent, such as, in guangzhou city state organs, institutions and organizations at all levels have organized 2012 ~ 2013) office furniture fixed-point procurement projects, special chair for the third bag bag, purchasing products include couplet of seating, auditorium chairs, public dining tables and chairs, etc. In the Beijing xicheng district administrative unit 2009 ~ 2011 office furniture supplier project bidding, the fourth package is seat category subcontracting, the procurement products include the chair and the chair and so on.

Guangzhou municipal government procurement center furniture kind project director Lu Dagang said, now the Bar Chair, especially cinema seats, stadium seat has its own characteristics, and have the corresponding professional requirements. Special chair bags are set up in the fixed point project to help the purchaser to refine the purchasing demand in practice.

Industry personage thinks, current Bar Chair professional manufacturer to occupy certain advantage in the market, its specialization degree also met certain level. More than 80 per cent of the 124 Bar Chair procurement projects completed in 2012 were made by manufacturers specializing in Bar Chairs. It, not only has a seat market manufacturer specializing in theatres, stadiums, and expand the business scope to the stage machinery industry manufacturers, they can provide the stage of public venues, seat and the corresponding equipment.