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The Bar Chair Is More Popular In The Rainy Season
- Aug 28, 2017 -

The Bar Chair is more popular in the rainy season
    It is the rainy season, especially the sudden emergence of the shower is to make a lot of outdoor restaurant industry boss miserable, playing Bar Chair, in the infrastructure to solve this problem.
    Regular heavy rain, so that the general wooden tables and chairs are always soaked wet, a long time, no matter how good the quality of foam cracking and even mold, which is the outdoor restaurant shops are absolutely unacceptable , So the Bar Chair has become one of the standard of the store, it can to some extent reduce the negative weather caused by the loss. Bar Chairs are not afraid of water erosion, which we all know, followed by Bar Chairs also have a light weight, easy to transport to move, easy to clean, not afraid of oil, the appearance of style, decorative and so on this series of features, especially for Outdoor dining, is simply designed specifically for this trip a table and chair. Low prices are not even afraid of outdoor accident caused by accidental damage, so more than a few summer outdoors, Bar Chairs have become a street everywhere can see the scenery.
Bar Chairs are not only welcome in the rainy season, not only by the outdoor dining alone, its excellent quality in a variety of occasions, a variety of grades of the location will be in different forms, it can be said that our life has been Do not open this plastic products.
We are now able to use the material of the chair is very much, there are wooden, iron, and some are stone, then in such a material, the Bar Chair is how to stand out? By virtue of what to pressure the pack is it.
1, modeling End burst: plastic material in the manufacture of the time is relatively simple, can produce a lot of different shapes of the chair, so people's choice is very much, the pattern is not monotonous Bar Chair is important One of the advantages.
2, green: how to say this? Because it is a Bar Chair to be able to recycle the material, and the production is simple, so what color you want to buy what color, do not have to paint and other cumbersome measures, do not worry about formaldehyde Han.
3, easy to take: because the Bar Chair itself material reasons, pick up is very light and simple, whether it is old Ran or children are free to carry, home travel is able to use to go downstairs shade are Can take to go.
4, for people to do Health: Bar Chairs can cause wooden chairs can not become the shape, very consistent with the needs of the human body, such as the back of the arc, there is the base of the concave degree is able to do the ultimate, Sitting without any sense of involvement, very comfortable.
This is why the Bar Chair can be so widely used, but he also has the shortcomings, that is sensitive to the sun, so when used to pay attention not to be too much sun exposure, which is for the Bar Chair Protect the most important one of the ways.
  It is no exaggeration to say that the Bar Chair is the backbone of the city's basic services industry. Bar Chairs are these small and medium-sized businesses have a large number of procurement and use of an infrastructure, urban streets alley in the shops are filled with color size and style of different tables and chairs. If there is no such cheap, high quality, good decorative infrastructure, there will not be such a well-developed basic services, if the service industry is not in place, then these foreign personnel will not be so much, with the impact is Linyi Of the other needs of these junior workers in the industry, so that the framework of this analogy is no exaggeration.
Bar Chairs play an important role in the development of the city, thanks to the manufacturers in the continuous improvement of research and development of higher quality and cheaper products, business and urban development constitute a virtuous circle, which may be the best A state of the bar.