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Summer Comes The Metal Dining Chair Will Be Heat Stroke?
- Aug 28, 2017 -

Summer comes the Metal Dining Chair will be heat stroke?
Summer weather changes, or high temperature and more dry, or high temperature and humidity, or pests, will give woody Metal Dining Chair to bring a severe test, if not pay attention and protection, easy to reduce the life of Metal Dining Chairs. Therefore, the opening of the summer Metal Dining Chair "Battle" is imminent.
Anti-dry try to avoid on the vent
Not only the spring and autumn season, due to solid wood Metal Dining Chairs and other materials of their own particularity, in the summer high temperature weather, wooden furniture is also very easy to "fire the upper body." Summer strong light and prolonged sunshine are easy to make wood furniture cracks and local fading problems. The summer because of the regular window ventilation, followed by the dust is also very easy to hide in the small cracks, if not regularly cleaned up, over time they will become the culprit of furniture aging.
Wooden furniture is best placed in places where sunlight can be avoided, or direct sunlight is separated by translucent chiffon curtains. This will not affect the indoor lighting, but also to protect the indoor furniture. In addition, furniture should be avoided as far as possible on the vent, and to do the oil as soon as possible on the surface treatment. Because at this time the wood at the vent at the easy to dry, the wood will be the loss of water, easily lead to wood surface cracks, cracks.
Pest control of solid wood furniture to do pest control
Summer Metal Dining Chair protection for many people a headache and "pest control" problem. Borers are usually grown from eggs, parasitic in solid wood furniture or solid wood flooring. As the solid wood furniture in the pine texture is relatively soft, so more likely to borers. In addition, some other cork, such as linden wood, poplar, etc. are also prone to borers. If the solid wood furniture appears moth phenomenon, first of all depends on the size of the outbreak of the size and found that there are insects, the more basic way is to camphor ball into the powder smear in the eye, or buy insecticide into the insects and sealed eyes The It is best to re-paint the surface of the Metal Dining Chair after the insects are made.
In order to try to avoid unnecessary trouble after the furniture invitations, the public in the purchase of solid wood furniture must ensure that after pest control. In all kinds of wood, natural camphor, teak, fir and boxwood itself have pest control function, and other wood, such as cherry wood, linden wood, beech, mahogany and so do not have pest control function, so the need for furniture Take measures to take pest control. For some of the furniture has not yet harm the corner, available raw tung oil, shellac paint or varnish and other paint, brush the surface of the cabinet, so that borers and air isolation, to achieve the purpose of moth.
Moisturizing place to keep away from the wall
In addition to the sun, with the summer there are frequent rainstorms. As wet and wet, some owners can often see their own furniture, walls or floors have damp phenomenon. Therefore, when placing furniture, the wall site with the best wall to maintain a certain gap, reduce the risk of moisture. Especially wood flooring, in the long vacant room, wood flooring is more likely due to moisture too heavy, resulting in arch, curling and other phenomena, the need for regular inspection and ventilation. In the heavier housing, you can also use charcoal, dehumidifier, moisture film, etc. to reduce the indoor humidity. In addition, mopping clean to pay attention to water control, regular care waxing.
"The Metal Dining Chair does not seem to have been so earthy!" Newly approached and paid attention to the layout of the new house of small Deng was very happy, he thought, in the plate furniture pick pick, because he felt that the Metal Dining Chair is relatively expensive, the key is In addition to your outside, that looks is old-fashioned. Looking at their parents to pick those furniture, Xiao Deng has not raised interest to buy solid wood furniture.
Recently he himself and his wife wandered the market, and later found that some Metal Dining Chair can accept, wood color relaxed some of the entire appearance is also a lot of concise, and some can even use light and well-behaved to describe, is not the impression The decrepit stupid posture.
Although the price is still compared to the plate furniture will be more expensive, but they both feel that the couple, light and rich sense of design of solid wood furniture looks more natural, more feel, more attractive to them.
In fact, as Xiao Deng found, solid wood furniture design and the market is the occurrence of multi-level changes. New brand quietly emerged, the new design more relaxed and natural, even uphold the East and West classical style of solid wood furniture, but also toward the "fashion, young" change.
In this regard, the industry predicted that no design, no change will be lost market, Metal Dining Chair of the old and new phenomenon is taking place, with people on the design, environmental protection and material diversity of attention, solid wood furniture will inevitably move toward ever-changing.