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Metal Dining Chair 6 Big Note
- Jul 25, 2017 -

Metal Dining Chair 6 big note
      In the restaurant, the most important furniture of course the most important Metal Dining Chair, and modern Metal Dining Chair compared with the ancient, with substantial changes in ancient times, most of the implementation of the table and food, metal chairs are also known as The case of the case, the food of the people of the case, the food is mostly small and lightweight, so it will appear in the Han Dynasty Liang Hong's wife Meng Guang and his respect for each other, the day for his "statue Qi Mei" fried words, and in modern times, " Possibly, because the modern Metal Dining Chair is generally large and heavy, the diners gathered together for the common use of meals, so the feng shui of metal chairs on the family reunion, husband and wife a great impact on the metal meal Chair of feng shui, Dong teacher special summary of the following ten major considerations for your reference:

        1, Metal Dining Chair should choose round or square: China's traditional cosmology is "Tianyuan place", so most of the daily use of round and square-based, the traditional Metal Dining Chair is a typical example. The traditional Metal Dining Chair shaped like a full moon, a symbol of a young and old reunion, intimate, and disturb the popularity, can be a good atmosphere of cooking, has long been popular. As for the square Metal Dining Chair, a small can only sit four, known as the four cents table; large can take eight people, also known as the Eight Immortals table, because it symbolizes the Eight Immortals, also auspicious, Founder smooth, symbolic fair and stable, Although the four sides of the angle, but not sharp corners without lethality, so was happy to use. As the shape of the metal chair will affect the atmosphere of eating, so the wooden round table or square table in the family population is less appropriate, and oval or rectangular table in the population is more applicable.

       2, the texture of Metal Dining Chair to pay attention to: Metal Dining Chair surface to easy to clean up, marble and glass and other desktop is hard, cold, strong sense of art, but because of its easy to absorb the body after the rapid absorption of energy, is not conducive to It is not advisable for all diners to be used for positive Metal Dining Chairs, but can be reconciled by shape and texture, such as round marble tables or square wooden tables, etc. These combinations will have a good effect.

       3, the Metal Dining Chair is most sensitive to sharp corners: sharp angle angle so far more sharp, lethality is also greater in the feng shui as a taboo, because the triangular metal chair will lead to home trouble, family health damage Shaped metal chair will lead to money leakage and so on.

As for those wavy water-like Metal Dining Chair, although not consistent with the traditional, but there is no sharp angle, so still barely selected. In short, the metal chair is always round and square is appropriate

       4, metal chairs above the flat should not be oblique: metal chairs on the roof should be flat, if the beam pressure, or under the stairs, or roof tilt, which will be detrimental to family health. Beam pressure is feng shui taboo, no matter which place there are beams are not auspicious, and especially in the bed, sofa, metal chairs and stove on the greatest scourge, we must try to avoid. If the metal chair above the beam pressure top, you can cover the ceiling, but the best way to move the metal chair to other places. If the Metal Dining Chair can not be moved under the sloping roof, but also can be used to fill the roof of the false ceiling; metal chair if the stairs, you can put the two pots of transport bamboo placed in the bottom to resolve, but pay attention to open Yun Zhu can continue to grow up, keep evergreen, or difficult to close effect.

       5, Metal Dining Chair should not be the door straight: residential feng shui pay attention to "hi back to bogey straight", if guilty of flushing will lead to: gas vitality vent, feng shui and thus greatly affected, if the metal chair and the door into A straight line, standing outside the door will be able to see a size in the meal, it is not appropriate.

       6, metal chairs should not be toilet door straight: the toilet in the feng shui is regarded as "dirty" dirty place, so the more hidden the better, such as positive Metal Dining Chair, often lead to poor family health. If the metal chair and toilet door straight, it is best to move the metal chair as soon as possible to other locations, if it can not be removed, they have to use in the middle of the Metal Dining Chair into a small water dish, which water Iron tree head or transport bamboo, this method to resolve.