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How To Create A Temperament Space With A Bar Chair
- Sep 01, 2018 -

How to create a temperament space with a bar chair

The bar chair is the key to realizing the dream of a modern kitchen, with different styles driving different styles. From the romantic and fresh American pastoral style to the simple and modern minimalist style, or the cool metal industry style, you can control it very well.


1. The designer of this bar chair, Iva Foschi, is a legend in the Australian design world and has made many outstanding designs.


2. Black stitched leather saddle bar chair, made of brass and bamboo to create legs and legs, the design concept is novel and unique.


3. Leather seat with rolling shape, steel base and solid walnut base, smooth curved bar chair back.


4. The bar chair of the cotton velvet fabric adds a touch of black lacquer and polished gold details.


5. Naturally curved backrest design and walnut veneer create a chic, with comfortable PU leather upholstered seats, making space a stylish base.


6. The white bar space is smart and simple, and the mix of leather bar stools and Persian carpets creates some surprises for the space.


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