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How To Adjust The Bar Chair
- Jan 26, 2019 -

How to adjust the bar chair

How to adjust the bar chair adjustment - introduction to the bar chair

The bar chair is a chair for use with the bar. The bar originally originated from bars, Internet cafes and other places with the word "bar", which represented the general service desk (checkout counter) of these places. It is also used to represent the general service desk of some modern entertainment and leisure service places such as restaurants and hotels. The bar chairs that we usually find are relatively small, and they are chairs, but they are more like stools. They generally have no backrest or only a shallow one. Most of the bar counters are taller than the table, and the height of the bar stools is also increased accordingly. Since the height is different according to the height of the bar, the size of the bar stools is also different.

How to adjust the bar chair adjustment - how to determine the height of the bar chair

1. The comfort of the bar chair: The height of the bar chair selected should firstly be from the perspective of human health, and it should maintain a good body curve after sitting up; secondly, comfort, comfort is not only related to the elasticity of the seat cushion. It is also related to the height of the bar chair, and the height is high enough to keep the person sitting on the bar chair comfortable.

2. Bar chair height: bar chair is divided into lift bar chair and non-lift bar chair, which can be lifted and lowered. The general lifting range is between 20cm, which can be adjusted according to preferences. As long as it is suitable for the distance from the bar, it is almost 20cm lower than the bar. The height is about 60-100cm. It can be increased or decreased according to the needs of the environment.

3. Bar chair size: Although the size of the bar chair has changed a lot, it is also common. The standard size is 42*46.5*92cm. In addition to this bar chair, the bar chair has dimensions of 44*44*83cm, 45*50*99cm, 45*45*92cm, 39*45*98.5cm.

Through the above introduction, everyone should already know it. In fact, the adjustment method of the bar chair is not difficult, everyone can learn. In addition, in fact, you can directly use this technology, buy some of these chairs in your own home, not only can adapt to the height of the children in the home, but also can adapt to different guests in the home.

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