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How Does The Bar Decorate The Bar Table And Chair
- May 06, 2018 -

The specifications and shapes of tables and chairs in the bar are adapted to and changed with location, form of operation and architectural style. Before choosing a table chair, we should consider the needs of the target customers. If the target guest is an elegant guest, then tables and chairs.

A high quality, quality table and chair should be selected; if the target guests are busy for a day's business, the broad and comfortable sofa will create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere; if you want to let the customers go through the night, it will be comfortable.

Couch or couch is the most ideal. If the operator wants to increase the turnover rate of customers, it is better to use hard plastic tables and chairs or solid wood series of desks and chairs.

In addition to tables and chairs, we should pay attention to the height and slope of tables and chairs. We need to select a good interactive table and chair for guests to interact with each other.

Because of the different styles of bars, there are no uniform specifications for tables and chairs. The general specifications for most bars are summarized as follows: the height of the table is usually about 75cm, and the height of the seat should be around 45cm.

All kinds of common desktop: single foot small round table diameter 50cm, general table table based on the size of 80cm, 90cm, 100cm, 120cm and 130cm, the square table is generally 110 x 60 or 110x65cm