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How Does Adjusatable Acrylic Bar Chair Work?
- Sep 18, 2017 -

How does Adjusatable Acrylic Bar Chair work?
Adjusatable Acrylic Bar Chair is made of cortical material, because it is often used or is not easy to clean, the maintenance of the problem is very troublesome, here love the chair industry introduced the following methods:
Document law: the factory is the leather, have a clear source, published production, leather factory standard, leather test table, leather use authorization and other basic information, are indispensable. Volume label method: the factory leather, the back will be marked manufacturing date, leather factory name area. (Manufacturing date should not be too long, more than 3 years of leather should pay attention to whether the moldy phenomenon). View: 30 times magnifying glass, you can see the appearance of leather, such as the lunar surface, pits, its permeability is good. With the blade crossed the leather, we can see the leather from the outer surface to the inner layer of color must be consistent. Note whether the bottom of the surface is different from the color, can avoid buying or changing color of second-hand leather. Olfactory method: good leather, after treatment should not have pungent taste, so too much solvent taste and paint taste is not good. Heat-resistant method: the best manufacturers with a small piece of leather, with cigarettes head hot sample up to 2 to 3 seconds, to avoid buying PU products, with the lighter burning contact area, so the time to be lengthened. Wipe the law: to wipe the surface of the leather to wipe the oil, pay attention to whether the phenomenon of fading and falling off, to avoid buying 2 times to change the color of leather.
Select Adjusatable Acrylic Bar Chair We should note the following:
1, the surface material should be relatively thick, durable, long after the friction can not afford the ball, no jumper. Sofa fabric can be divided into domestic and imported, European and American professional manufacturers of special fabric fabric quality, color is very small, high color fastness, fabric no latitude, especially some high-grade fabric to improve the anti-fouling ability, the surface also Special treatment. Import high-grade fabric also has anti-static, flame retardant and other functions
2, Adjusatable Acrylic Bar Chair structure plays a decisive role. Adjusatable Acrylic Bar Chair The structure of the frame, the structure of the firm and the design point of view will directly affect the quality of the chair and the use of functional, so choose Adjusatable Acrylic Bar Chair first depends on the overall structure is solid, whether there is loose, in the design of the human body engineering.
3, there is a filler, and all the cloth is close, flat, crisp very important, two handrails and seats, back with or without broken fold more carefully check. When you buy, you can sit in a chair and feel it is smooth, whether the angle is reasonable, whether it is comfortable. The quality of the elastic material affects the comfort and service life of the sofa. Therefore, the elastic material to withstand pressure, good elasticity, high density, people buy in addition to try to sit feeling, the company can obtain a description of the relevant instructions to ensure product quality.
4, Adjusatable Acrylic Bar Chair color and the overall color of the hall to coordinate.
Adjusatable Acrylic Bar Chair is made of steel, and the steel is made of steel.
Before the spray, the first pickling oil, the use of professional degreasing formula to remove the oil surface of the steel. Sometimes the steel placed too long can not completely prevent the surface does not rust, and then rust treatment of steel. After degreasing, rusty steel surface will become very smooth, this step is completed in order to prevent the Adjusatable Acrylic Bar Chair steel from the rust solution out of the case of air oxidation, need to immediately phosphating. After the phosphating solution after the steel surface is attached to a thin layer of phosphating film, can be very good to prevent air oxidation of steel. A series of processing technology is completed. And then in the plastic powder before spraying, must ensure that the steel surface is dry, no dust, so spray up the plastic powder will be tightly attached to the steel surface. Even with a hammer knock is not easy to fall off.