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Good Or Bad To Distinguish Adjusatable ABS Bar Chair
- Oct 09, 2017 -

More and more people pay attention to the health and office efficiency of the members of the office, the good office chair to correct the staff's stature, the use of sitting work, and with the progress of technology, sitting will become the future of our workers Way of working. Therefore, the office furniture office Adjusatable ABS Bar Chair design and related sitting analysis increasingly ergonomic researchers and designers of concern and research.
1, Adjusatable ABS Bar Chair The study of different sitting, human intervertebral disc pressure and muscle load is a contradiction between the body. When the lumbar sit, the body to maintain the "S" type, the spine to keep the body standing when the most natural posture, intervertebral disc pressure is small, but because of Adjusatable ABS Bar Chair "h" shape limitations, so that people's muscle load increases. When bending down, although the reduction of muscle load, but also increased the internal pressure of the disc, this sitting will naturally make people's spine bent, legs, waist, buttocks burden increased, sedentary produce back pain.
2, the emergence of modern kneeling Adjusatable ABS Bar Chair 1977 by the Norwegian designer Peter. Aobu Wei Ke from the ergonomic point of view design "BALANS" series of chairs, breaking the human thousands of years of traditional sitting, Will be "sitting on the ground" and "sitting down" sitting in one, began a modern kneeling Adjusatable ABS Bar Chair precedent. Kneeling posture, the human body slightly forward, the spine closest to the natural state of the human spine standing, so as to effectively prevent the spine bending. And because the body weight evenly distributed in the buttocks, thighs and knees, blood circulation and nerve tissue is not too much pressure, help the body to improve blood circulation and breathing. However, the kneeling Adjusatable ABS Bar Chair is not satisfactory in terms of variability. The user is working on a kneeling chair, always keeping a forward position, and it is difficult to change the sitting position to rest, long time use will cause the user's muscle fatigue.
3, ergonomic principles - sitting change After the study shows that: when we use Adjusatable ABS Bar Chair, due to physical and psychological characteristics, the body will produce a sense of comfort, with the increase in sitting duration, then the perception of people Also changes, and gradually produce fatigue perception. The body through the individual subjective state of judgment and response, will automatically adjust the state of the sitting unconscious to reduce the body's fatigue. Simply put, people even sitting in a very comfortable Adjusatable ABS Bar Chair, after a period of time can cause muscle fatigue. Therefore, the design of the Adjusatable ABS Bar Chair must make it possible for people to constantly change their position and position in order to reduce muscle pressure.
4, can change the sitting position of the new Adjusatable ABS Bar Chair Through the study of sitting, Adjusatable ABS Bar Chair design can break through the traditional. After my research, and access to the national utility model patents, a new form of Adjusatable ABS Bar Chair appeared - can change the sitting post Adjusatable ABS Bar Chair. People sitting on it, you can easily change the body of the three positions: ordinary Adjusatable ABS Bar Chair the use of state, kneeling chair use and recliner use status. The change of sitting position is conducive to minimize the office staff due to prolonged work caused by the waist pain, neck, back fatigue and other symptoms. This new Adjusatable ABS Bar Chair is ideal for workers who work long hours before the computer.