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Does The Bar Chair Need Water?
- Jul 05, 2017 -

Does the Bar Chair need water?

1. Wipe with wet cloth

When clean wooden Bar Chair in autumn and winter, it is advisable to use a slightly damp cloth to wipe, but also do not wet, this can have the effect that can complement water, won't make the Bar Chair damp again.

2. Replace thick curtains

Summer people decorate Bar Chair will choose fresh gauze curtain, in the autumn and winter season should replace, might as well with some thick cloth curtain, it would be for indoor Bar Chair blots out the sun, such as reducing dry, at the same time to prepare for the winter cold.

3. Shorten window opening time

Bar Chair indoor air drying of solid wood Bar Chair is very bad, the relationship between cracks and humidity does wooden, so attention should be paid to increase indoor air humidity, in the autumn and winter we can do our best to shorten the time that open a window, so that can be appropriately increased humidity indoors, this not only is good for people's health, also have great help to maintain wooden Bar Chair.

4. Planting green

Many other plants can also have the effect of humidification, in order to prevent dryness, increase moistening, can put some green plant in the home more, such as condole orchid, tiger skin ling jian, prickly ball, green and so on. Plants such as the crane and the ball can not only add moisture, but also help absorb toxic gases such as formaldehyde in the room and protect the environment.

5. Fish tank placement

In an indoor grazing fish aquarium, some peacock, black Mary, small fish, such as red arrow or a few brocade carp is right choice, such as sufficient and fish tank can evaporate the water vapor, to increase the indoor humidity, increase interest for the room, and to achieve dual role of filling water.

6, away from heat

The Bar Chair should not be too close to the radiator if you want to fill it with water. Keep it away from the heat source, at least about one meter. You can also install a humidifier at home to improve the drying of indoor air.

Beauty lovers maintain their youth through maintenance, and the Bar Chair is no exception. Only good maintenance of the Bar Chair, the Bar Chair can be kept in the best state, prolonged service life. But do you know how to maintain a Bar Chair? Avoid the following common nine mistakes of the Bar Chair maintenance method, let "old age" nowhere to show up.

The Bar Chair maintenance error method one, do not flush the Bar Chair made of plywood with water, do not soak in alkaline water, prevent splint glue or degumming.

The Bar Chair maintenance error method 2, do not use the coarse cloth or old clothes to wipe the Bar Chair, prevent scratches the Bar Chair.

The Bar Chair maintains error method 3, do not use dry dishcloth to wipe dirt, lest wear the Bar Chair, make its surface bleak and rough, the light is no longer.

Bar Chair maintenance error method with four, don't use the soap water, detergent, wet cloth to wipe the Bar Chair, they have certain corrosive, if moisture penetration into the wood, wood can also lead to mold or local deformation, shorten service life.

The Bar Chair maintenance error method 5, do not use with the Bar Chair original paint colour and lustre the paint with different color and the oil ash mix into the Bar Chair crack wall, lest leave scar;

The Bar Chair maintains error method 6, don't place high concentration of alcohol, banana water and boiling hot water on the table, in case of damaging lacquer face.

The Bar Chair maintains the wrong method 7, do not place the Bar Chair in the sun exposure and the place that is drier. Also, don't put the Bar Chair in a very wet place, and the long draw-drawer won't open. Of course, do not press the weight in the lounge chair long term, will make the Bar Chair deformed.

The Bar Chair maintenance error method 8, do not apply some wax product directly on the Bar Chair, will let the Bar Chair surface have the mist spot.

The Bar Chair maintains the wrong method nine, does not spray the wax on the leather product, can cause the pore of leather product to clog, accelerate the leather ageing, shorten its service life.