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Custom Bar Chair For Common Problems
- Jun 27, 2017 -

Custom Bar Chair for common problems
In the custom dining bar chair gradually into everyone's life, it is by virtue of their unique charm, to win the majority of consumers love. In the restaurant bar chair customization will encounter a lot of problems in addition to their customization of the bar chair do not understand the whole space to grasp the awareness is not enough so there will be many problems. Hangzhou restaurant Bar Chair next to the small series for everyone to introduce the bar under the custom of the common problems, for your reference.

1. Bar stool custom process problem:

Many customers first reaction to the bar chair custom process is to let the designer come to the door measurement. This way unreasonable, because the designer's own travel by the company part of the restrictions and then there is the price budget may be a great discrepancy. So the best way to customers or access to the bar directly to the bar to see our products in the end what kind of a level. And then for the decoration of their own house what kind of a budget began to communicate with the designer so the best.

2. Bar Stool Customized Cost Budget

Not only catering bar chairs custom companies looking for their own user base and head of household also looking for their own design company. High-end bar chair custom company's products will certainly be relatively expensive, but some customers can not accept, so the best way is to customize the bar when customers want to have their own budget, so that the head of the manager with the designer Before the exchange. Such as Hangzhou restaurant bar chair brand "Zhongnan" is engaged in high-end dining bar chair custom a manufacturer, the price of catering bar chair is based on the customer's current material, fabric decision, so some customers say that we can according to The price of the customer budget to the customer catering tables and chairs, custom certainly have our advantage.

3. Bar stool customization problem

Now a lot of customers are like the first time to get the designer's design drawings, it is not feasible. Because it involves an intellectual property issue. Designers have the responsibility to protect their own design drawings, which is from the company's interests, but the designer can take the drawings to the customer demo again. In order to protect the knowledge design property, the designer can not just come up with the design drawings before signing the contract.

4. Bar stool customized after-sales problems

The designer is obliged to provide services for his or her clients within the age specified after the customization of the bar chair. Including the custom life of the bar chair, the use of the process of cracking, aging and other issues, the designer as a middleman contact the factory and customers in order to achieve better after-sales service.