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Buy Adjusatable Leather Bar Chair When You Want To Pay Attention To What The Problem?
- Jun 20, 2017 -

Buy Adjusatable Leather Bar Chair when you want to pay attention to what the problem?
1, pay attention to welding: If the Adjusatable Leather Bar Chair is steel frame structure, pay attention to the welding to be smooth, no gap, the coating looks uniform, soft.
2, pay attention to the thickness of steel pipe: If the Adjusatable Leather Bar Chair is aluminum tube, the thickness of the steel pipe about 1.2 mm, no impurities as well.
3, pay attention to the degree of solid: the overall quality of the framework, available both hands around the product shake, shake, a solid description of the framework of a good
4, pay attention to the quality of cloth cloth: buy the cortex can be used with both hands to pinch a pull up a pull, feel strong, good recovery is the superior goods
5, try to sit: personally try to look at it to understand the degree of comfort, every angle should change, in the confirmation and then buy.
Wooden Adjusatable Leather Bar Chair recommended placed in the appropriate temperature and humidity environment, so as not to damage the natural color of the wood surface. When the dirt is more, you can use the diluted neutral detergent with warm water first wipe once, and then wipe with water, remember to wipe with a soft dry cloth to remove the water stains, to be completely wiped, and then use the maintenance wax Polished, even if you are done, only pay attention to the daily cleaning and maintenance, in order to make furniture timeless.
Iron Adjusatable Leather Bar Chair
Pay attention to moisture. If only the general outdoor air humidity, you can rest assured that the iron facilities rust. Such as foggy weather, the application of dry cotton wipe wrought iron on the water; if the rainy days, should be stopped after the rain in time to dry water droplets.
Wooden Adjusatable Leather Bar Chairs should be cleaned with less water, regularly wiped with a slightly moisturizing detergent cloth, and then wiped and polished with a clean, soft cloth. You can also wipe with a liquid scrubber, you can use lemon juice or vinegar to clean the stains, but the lemon stay in the above time is best not more than 2 minutes, if necessary, repeat the operation, and then clean and dry.
Iron Adjusatable Leather Bar Chair
Wipe clean with a cloth dampened with a mild detergent and then wipe dry with a clean cloth.