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Bar Chair Try To Have Adjustable Function
- Oct 09, 2017 -

Bar Chair try to have adjustable function
"Computer family" at home office, the game more and more long time, stereotypes, square routines of office space has been unable to meet people's needs. Therefore, the color diversity, modeling chic, easy to use and so attention to personality development, concerned about the popularity of office tables and chairs are more and more, but only the shape or only function is not enough. Whether at home or in the office, office space design must be rational on the basis of emotional play, that is, both professional and personalized.
Many of the bar Chair height are not up to standard, so that the body can not let the back pain from the back pain. So how can I adjust Bar Chair to "best condition"? First according to the nature of the work of the desk or table to adjust to the appropriate height. Because different desk tables have different requirements for Bar Chair placement, sometimes even need to change a Bar Chair. Once the height of the desk is fixed, you can adjust the height of the desk and body as a "reference" to adjust the Bar Chair. A good Bar Chair should not only sit comfortably, but also in the vertical direction and horizontal direction should have a higher degree of freedom, that is, a larger range of adjustable.
Choosing a comfortable Bar Chair is vital. Good Bar Chair with dual pneumatic function, both can adjust the Bar Chair high and low, but also adjust the Bar Chair back pitch angle.
When you buy, you can sit down and feel Bar Chair back is soft and hard moderate, back curve is consistent with the curvature of the human spine, fully support the back, waist can reduce the back of the heavy pressure load, to ensure the correct sitting; Block is broad and thick, comprehensive support, both to reduce the body to sit down by the impact of the weight generated by the human body, but also to ease the long-term hearing when the buttocks bear the pressure, relaxation of physical and mental, improve work efficiency. At the same time pay attention to the choice of casters: whether it is safe and smooth, on the carpet can freely turn, the plastic color of the wheel is too hard to hurt the floor.
Push back test is through the push back testing machine on the Bar Chair backrest to exert a certain force, is the Bar Chair tilted back squeeze. The main purpose is to detect the Bar Chair components to withstand the ability to squeeze.
Push test can be divided according to the size of force: functional testing and destructive testing of two: functional test test force of 91kg, duration of 1 minute, after the test Bar Chair parts if there are deformation, damage or fracture phenomenon, For testing not passed. Disruptive test force of 136kg, duration of 1 minute, after the test Bar Chair parts if there is serious deformation, damage or fracture phenomenon, for the test does not pass.
Bar Lady exploded, some friends heard this sentence is afraid of the head instantly exploded it Especially those who have to face the computer workers every day, Bar Chair can be described as their hard work a good helper. The thought of sitting on a bomb every day at any time on the bomb, we probably can not calm down again. Then what is the cause of the Bar Lady explosion, what will not explode Bar Chair recommended.
According to the function can generally be divided into two Bar Chair:
1) ordinary Bar Chair Bar Chair usually can only meet the ordinary people to use, a short time of the Internet;
2) ergonomic Bar Chair The so-called ergonomic Bar Chair that is ergonomic design, the use of the body as much as possible for the natural form, so that people can use the tools at work, the body and the spirit does not require any active adaptation, so as to minimize Use of tools to cause fatigue. This type of Bar Chair must meet the following conditions:
① headrest is adjustable;
② handrail can be lifted, and can be multi-level movements, making the hands and the body with the ground and computer tables to maintain the best position;
③. Back to better fit the back, in the long hours of work, can effectively link the spine fatigue;
④ with lifting function;
⑤. The length and width of the cushion and the height of the Bar Chair must be specially tailored to the population. For example, the height and weight of Asians are usually less than the Europeans, so for Asian people, must be a certain standard, for Europeans, but also must be another set of standards. Bar Chair for domestic use and export of the Bar Chair with different specifications and standards.