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Bar Chair The Difference Between The Classification And The Material Of The Bar Chair
- May 25, 2017 -

Bar Chair Bar stool classification and material differences Bar chair is now very popular, the amount is also growing, instead of the previous use of fiberglass, hollow chair surface. Bar chair simple and stylish, comfortable and elegant, high toughness, easy to break, bear strong, durable. Bar chairs with high quality veneer, high quality material, making the bar chair is not only durable and smooth appearance, perfect arc design, making more and more users fall in love with the bar chair.

  Many customers do not understand the bar chair surface classification and material differences, the following teach you how to distinguish between the bar chair class.

  Bar chairs are divided into two kinds, one is the fire board bar chair surface, one is the paint bar chair surface. Whether it is Chang Maite, Gino, or the rich home of the fire board bar chair surface, he is the same work, the board is the selection of a good board, that is, outside the layer of fire board is not the same. So the fire bar bar chairs are surrounded by a black line, hot forming, the machine by the shape of the excess of the excess fire board, so this black line is the fire board bar chairs face signs. There is no such a black line, because it is posted on the veneer is veneer, hot pressed after grinding through a number of polished paint, the excess is not

  What is the particularity of the bar chair, let it come out alone has a term to describe the bar chair, bar chairs today to tell you this little secret.

  Bar seat seat selection of environmentally friendly multi-layer curved board made of high-frequency hot, double-sided paste high-quality flexible bending board; chair legs election steel, surface spray or electroplating decoration.

  How to make a bar chair

  Bar bar components of the production methods are mainly sawing and bending bending forming two.

  Bar Chair Sawing process has many shortcomings: a large number of wood fiber is cut off, so that the strength of the components reduced; processing complex, finishing more difficult;

  Pressure bending method by pressing the method, veneer (veneer) or scrap (shavings, fiber) made of various curved parts, to overcome the shortcomings of the sawing process