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Advantages Of Plastic Dining Chair
- Sep 18, 2017 -

Advantages of Plastic Dining Chair
Life table and chairs a variety of styles, really let us dazzled, here we come to understand the superiority of Plastic Dining Chair.
    1. Easy to transport handling, more convenient storage.
    2. Small size, economical and most efficient use of space. Can save space for easy storage, and can be a multi-purpose, but also suitable for travel use, carry more convenient, to the consumer to reduce a lot of trouble.
    3. Mainly used in plastic surface metal stent, style more fashionable, very suitable for decoration, looks more beautiful, durable and durable.
New materials gradually come out, instead of part of the wooden furniture. Plastic Dining Chair has entered the tens of thousands of households. But people tend to misunderstand, that as long as the surface of plastic products like cleaning, anyway, will not mold rot. In fact, in the wet environment, plastic dining room chemical additives through water and other solvents for a long time contact, will be a lot of leakage, resulting in microbial breeding phenomenon. In warm conditions, the Plastic Dining Chair will be due to microbial and bacterial erosion, so that the surface spots, resulting in brittle and shrink, resulting in damage.
Then as a professional manufacturer of Plastic Dining Chairs, to talk about your Plastic Dining Chair clean knowledge:
1. For plastic tables, plastic training chairs, Plastic Dining Chairs and other furniture, to regularly wash with detergent, then dry.
2. For the sofa and mattresses made of polyurethane plastic furniture, supplies, often with detergent to wash the cover, scrub the outer surface.
3 made of ABS plastic made of Plastic Dining Chairs, etc., should not be used to clean and disinfection of cacao soap. This is because the acrylic soap will make ABS plastic surface softening sticky, it is not appropriate to use methanol-containing industrial alcohol wipe, Plastic Dining Chair because the industrial alcohol can accelerate the aging of ABS plastic.
If you encounter a serious plastic jar stained by curry, soak the time can be extended, more than 4 hours, or soaked overnight.
  Beach Plastic Dining Chair silicate also has a corrosion-resistant effect, silicate has a buffer effect, that is, in the presence of acidic dust, the pH value remains unchanged. Silicate can also be in the water and the high price of metal ions constitute the deposition, can remove the iron in the water, but also complex calcium and magnesium ions, in the inevitable meaning that the effect of softened water is a metal corrosion inhibitor. There are sodium orthosilicate, sodium metasilicate and water glass. Water glass in the water can constitute a stable colloid, constitute a solvated micelles, and the use of surfactants with the use of outstanding washing effect. Silicate in the water will be hydrolyzed, the hydrolysis of plastic resin generated silicate silicate insoluble in water, and suspended in the structure of the micelles in the bath, the solvated micelles on the solid dust particles with suspended and lax ability, On the oil has an emulsifying effect, the Plastic Dining Chair is therefore conducive to avoid dust in the workpiece appearance and then accumulation.
    There are three kinds of Plastic Dining Chair currently there are three ways to produce nitrogen.
 (1) Adsorption method to allow the air to fill a molecular sieve with a molecular sieve adsorption tower, the use of molecular sieve for different substances have the characteristics of the selection of adsorption, Plastic Dining Chair, such as carbon molecular sieve oxygen has a strong adsorption performance, adsorption Oxygen, let nitrogen pass, you can get high purity nitrogen. Some molecular sieves can adsorb nitrogen, let oxygen pass, you can get high purity oxygen.
 (2) membrane separation method It is the use of some organic polymer penetration selection, when the air through the film (0.1pm thick) or hollow fiber membrane, the Plastic Dining Chair oxygen through the membrane through the membrane of nitrogen 4? 5 Times, and then complete the oxygen and nitrogen away.
 (3) Plastic Dining Chair liquefaction first air through the tightening, swelling and cooling until the liquefaction, and then use the oxygen and nitrogen vaporization temperature is not the same (at atmospheric pressure of oxygen at a boiling point of 183 ° C, nitrogen boiling point of 196 ° C), the low boiling point of nitrogen relative to the oxygen is more simple vaporization characteristics, making nitrogen in the gaseous state, and oxygen in the liquid, you can complete the nitrogen and oxygen separation, Plastic Dining Chair can produce high purity nitrogen and oxygen The
    There are 78.03% nitrogen in the air, 20.93% oxygen, 0.93% hydrogen, Plastic Dining Chair and a handful of water vapor, carbon dioxide, acetylene and other hydrocarbon gases, and a few dusts. Nitrogen and oxygen in the air are in the presence of molecular conditions, these gas molecules kept for the irregular movement, are evenly mixed with each other together, to leave them is difficult to compare. Plastic dining room sodium silicate.