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Adjusatable Bentwood Bar Chair Selection Precautions
- Jul 05, 2017 -

Adjusatable Bentwood Bar Chair selection precautions

The Bentwood lounge chair is a material product and art. Facing the various products in the market, how to choose durable furniture, many consumers have no idea. So, the small make up to the furniture choose to carry on a classification instruction.

The Adjusatable Bentwood Bar Chair chooses to pay attention to the materials to be reasonable

Different Adjusatable Bentwood Bar Chairs have different surface materials. If table, chair, ark leg, ask to use hard miscellaneous wood, relatively firm, can bear heavy, and internal use material is usable other material.

The Adjusatable Bentwood Bar Chair chooses the four feet to ensure smooth

This point on the ground is to be known, some furniture only have three legs to fall. Look at whether the table is flat or flat, unable to bow or collapse. The tabletop is raised, the glass plate will rotate; The tabletop is indented and the glass plate is crushed.

The Adjusatable Bentwood Bar Chair chooses to pay attention to the joints to be flat and tight

Whether to stick wood veneer, PVC or paste prepaint paper, all must pay attention to whether the leather son is pressed flat, have not have drum, bubbling, the spelling is not strict phenomenon. You should look at the light, not out of sight. The wood veneer of the wood of the water is more easily damaged, can only use two years. In wood veneer, the veneer is better than the spin. General veneer furniture corner place easy to be cocked up, when choosing, can use hand to dig a corner, if a pick is up, explain to use glue to have a problem.

The Bentwood bar chair will be adjusted to see if it is flat

The edge should be rounded corners and not straight edges. If the sealing edge is uneven, the inner material is wet and the sealing edge is easy to crack. The furniture that the three plywood pack is encrusted, the place that pack a place is to use nail to nail, want to pay attention to nail the eye is flat, nail eye place and other place is the color whether agree. Usually nail the eye is sealed with putty, if putty putty rises, not beautiful still easy to fall out.

The Adjusatable Bentwood Bar Chair chooses to check the inside out

If the wood has the worm eye, the end, the drying is not complete. Check the surface, also open cupboard door, drawer door to see inside the inside material whether have decayed, can pinch with fingernail, pinched in to explain inside material decaying. Open cupboard door hind USES the nose to smell, if blunt, dazzling, tears, explain the formaldehyde content in glue mixture is too high, can be harmful to human body.

The Adjusatable Bentwood Bar Chair has a reasonable installation of accessories

Plate type furniture USES metal piece, plastic piece as fastening fittings, so the quality of metal piece also decides the quality of board type furniture is good or bad. Metal parts require deft, smooth, surface plating, no rust, burr, etc., and the precision of the matching part is higher. The plastic part wants modelling beautiful, colour is bright-coloured, the focus area that USES is want to have the strength and bounces, cannot be too thin. The open connection is flexible, and the inside is fitted with springs, so that the furniture is balanced, relaxed and frictionless when opened.

The Adjusatable Bentwood Bar Chair chooses to pay attention to environmental indicators

When asking price, you must not forget to ask whether the furniture conforms to the relevant environmental regulations of the country, whether there is relevant certification, etc. If buy is brand furniture, you can ask carefully and sales staff, please justify to smell, to check the quality inspection certificate at the same time, if it does through the national examination, some smell is paint, glue, etc must be attached, open cupboard door for a period of time can be removed after home.

The water content of the adjustable Bentwood bar should not exceed 12%

The moisture content of the north furniture is generally not more than 12%, the moisture content is high, the wood is easy to warp, deformation. Generally when consumer is bought, no test instrument, can adopt method of touch, feel with the hand painted the furniture inside the bottom or not, if feel feel damp, so the moisture content over 50%, at least it just won't work. Another option is to add a little water to the wood without the paint, if the spread is slow or not, the water content is high. The furniture with excessive water rate is not only the quality problem, but also the release speed of formaldehyde.

Conclusion: if you pay attention to the above points, you can buy a comfortable and elegant Bentwood lounge chair and give yourself a comfortable environment.