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Adjusatable Acrylic Bar Chair Maintenance Method Comprehensive Introduction
- Jul 14, 2017 -

Adjusatable Acrylic Bar Chair maintenance method comprehensive introduction

Can adjust the chair of acrylic bar to clean up more trouble, still delay time, so how very good maintenance can adjust the chair of acrylic bar?


1. According to different fabrics can be adjusted acrylic bar chair also have different maintenance methods, cloth chair face when touch dirt, as long as gently pat to or vacuum suction clean, with granular, usable soft light brush brush smooth sailing. If dip into the water of beverage, can first use wipe hand towel to absorb water, with lukewarm water neuter detergent to wipe gently wipe, use clean cloth to absorb dry water again. Low temperature drying can.

2. If it is leather chair, with a soft dry cloth is wiped, must not let chemicals such as oil or alcohol diluent on the chair, otherwise it will cause the appearance of Adjusatable Acrylic Bar Chair and leather metamorphism. Use lukewarm water to dilute the neutral cleaner (1 cent ~ 3 ﹪) to wipe first, wipe clean fluid with the clean water cloth that wring dry again, finish clean with dry cloth, let it be natural and dry. After all dry, use the right amount of leather maintenance agent even wipe can.

3. Adjustable yakeli the surface of the bar chair film coating, have the effect of surface decoration and beautification furniture not only, more important is to protect the surface of the acrylic bar chair can be adjusted, so it should be conducted on a regular basis can adjust the acrylic bar chair surface coating glazing cleaning, generally for three months time, first the soft wet towel to wipe the can adjust the acrylic dust and dirt on the surface of the bar chair, after being slightly dry surface, with furniture wax and liquid wax gently wipe the surface of the acrylic bar chair can be adjusted for polishing.

4. For wood material, clean and easy, with soft wet cloth. It is only during the normal use of people that people should pay attention to remind people to avoid the natural color of the wood surface by placing them on the surface as far as possible to avoid drinks, chemical agents or overheating objects. At the same time, avoid to avoid the natural brilliance leather that does not damage lumber surface very strong absorption, should pay attention to prevent fouling, should not use stimulative detergent.

5. Aluminum alloy material can be divided into four types, such as electroplating, polishing and painting treatment. The surface treatment is treated with electroplating, anodizing and baking varnish, the maintenance is simple, usually just use cleaner to use the cloth to wipe with cotton cloth. The latter aluminium alloy polishing processing is easy to oxidize, when the maintenance time can be used to wipe with cloth. If it is possible to produce oxide using aluminum alloy special maintain article to wipe a quarterly, chromium plating chromium plating material in terms of maintenance is very simple, use cleaner with cloth is wiped can be glamorous.

6. A vacuum cleaner can be cleaned by the back, armrest, and seat surface. But when using a vacuum cleaner, do not use brush, in case of damage of textile cloth woven wire cloth and made fleeciness, more to avoid extra large suction to suck, a move that could lead to knit line was broke, may wish to consider using a small vacuum cleaner to clean.

7. Adjusatable Acrylic Bar Chair can be used to remove the abnormal sound if there is abnormal sound during the tilt of the chair.