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A Large Factor In The Design Of The Plastic Dining Chair
- Jun 20, 2017 -

A large factor in the design of the Plastic Dining Chair
Plastic chair strong self-betrayal and get rid of, alternative "like the new new people as people puzzled. Alternative support legs are the same, weird and very self-exaggerated shape, publicity does not belong to this era of content. Because it is only part of the tables and chairs, and then weird can not run out of the most primitive function - support.Therefore, the room set up a few different legs with different legs and leisure chairs, can add a lot of fun and mood. Ahead of the sense of innovation and the courage to accept the new things of young minds of alternative "different, out of tune, strongly publicity personality. >

Add extraordinary ideas, it can be said to be a simple and ordinary tables and chairs. Door art. In addition to the color, texture is different, the shape and style of the leg leg is a major factor in the design style. Those strange, strange tables and chairs in the original support of the original, practical, but also has a strong decorative, as a room design to consider a major factor.

Thousands of tables and chairs

With the modern furniture design of the avant-garde and fashion, tables, leisure chairs can be described as the most representative furniture furniture. Tables and chairs of the design is also innovative from time to time, whether it is from the style or from the use of speaking, have been past. The most important of the composition of the leisure chair is nothing more than the chair, chair legs, back, the table the most important composition of course only the desktop and table legs, so the design of tables and chairs in the table and leisure chair design is a very Important link. For ordinary tables and chairs, the support legs are often four legs, three legs, people's understanding of the tables and chairs are also mostly so. For the ordinary people, the leisure chair is used to sit the table is used to put things so tables and chairs of the design, so that the table leisure chair solid, solid is the most important has entered the twenty-first century, technology driven , The design style of furniture presents diversification, but there is a trend that is immutable that is more and more fashionable, table legs, chair design of course is the case. Designers for the support of leg design, master practical principles, scientific basis for bold attempt and innovation, invented fashionable, avant-garde personalized tables and chairs.


Force evenly. Table, leisure chair its support leg force must be uniform, first of all. Whether it is point support or surface support, people in the choice, smooth and safe is the most important new modeling, but not applicable, can only be called ornaments. Second, the selection of different. China's old table, the table legs are generally installed in the four corners, and between the legs and legs there are cross-wood connection, to prevent the table leg support, this table often has a concave waist (between the table and the table between) and Horseshoe-shaped table legs. And now despite the wood furniture or ordinary family of choice, but the emergence of new materials for the designer to provide a broad space for the design support legs. Such as metal materials, is now widely used in places such as table legs, chair legs, support feet and other needs of greater support strength. Strength and hardness, not easy to deformation, welding bending are easier, not only to meet the actual needs and can freely change the shape and structure, and metal texture of the metal color for the furniture color adds a lot of bright spots. Third, design science. Especially for the seat, the choice of leg material, the angle between the leg and the base and the angle of the person's seat and the seat of the seat and whether the seat of the spine and the body bodily balance and in a natural state, Adapt to the body's physiological structure and characteristics, are a good designer to consider the factors.