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Buy A Plastic Dining Chair For A Simple Inspection Of The Quality Of The Furniture
- Jun 12, 2017 -

Buy a Plastic Dining Chair for a simple inspection of the quality of the furniture
When buying Plastic Dining Chair furniture, we have to check the quality of the furniture, here to tell you some of the methods:
1, observe the advantages and disadvantages of wood: open the furniture door, drawer to observe whether the wood is dry, white, texture is close and delicate; poor wood or yellow heart wood and other sub-material not only color yellow brown, wood is also very soft.
2, observe the wood with or without defects: the main force of the furniture part of the vertical frame, connecting the column between the ground bearing bar, there should be no large knots and cracks, cracks.
3, observe the board strength: the strength of the board can be used to press the finger to feel the fastness of the board, the surface material should be well-shaped skeleton to be fixed, if the skeleton sparse, a surface will feel empty, The The drawer floor can be pressed by hand to try the strength.
4, the skirt should be protected: decorated with a variety of veneer surface furniture, should be close to the ground to protect the skirt, or a layer of 3 mm thick Paul Lai board may be toe kick, Squat with the back of the hand close to the ground hand turned to the inside touch, whether the addition of the bar.
5, the size of precision, modeling correct: to see whether the phenomenon of drawer or door frame tilt, with or without tenon head twist or eye socket is too large due to the level of technology caused by the skew.
6, the main size of the structural requirements: the combination of furniture support column and cabinet base column width should not be less than 45 mm -50 mm, the thickness should be 20 mm - 22 mm. Cabinet three weeks the width of the bar should be 25 mm - 30 mm, the thickness of 20-22 mm can be.
 We face the full range of opportunities and challenges in the 21st century, we are the end of the beginning, forge ahead, innovation and innovation, and always "always walk in the forefront of the trend of furniture" as a design concept from beginning to end, in the further realization of Design level and management level and technical content on the basis of upgrading, to speed up the scientific, modern, international scale of the pace of business, with customers with the progress, and staff with the development of modern office to create environmentally friendly and comfortable office space.
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