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2016 Outdoor Furniture Trends: Focusing On Slow Life
- Nov 01, 2016 -

1,pay more attention to high quality life style experience
Relax fully meet the emotional comfort of high quality outdoor "slow life" as the value pursuit of the major manufacturers.

2,privacy, compatible with the open function
Private, open, semi-development of outdoor furniture, closer to the psychological needs of users, functional compatible and interchangeable outdoor furniture products with market potential, greater emphasis on outdoor and indoor space and flexible conversion.

3,pay more attention to outdoor furniture function itself
Due to the conditions of the outdoor lifestyle, light and strong, mobile, multifunctional, sectional outdoor furniture was welcomed by the market.

4,soft cushions, pillow become separate elements
As elements of the outdoor furniture, cushion, pillow soft docking value more, will become independent of product in the outdoor furniture present in the system as a whole to reflect the Pro and casual outdoor lifestyle.

5,the product shape design more natural simplicity
Outdoor furniture patterns are still dominated by simple, natural fashion taste, in addition to work for people's leisure activities will bring enjoyment and experience.