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What is the classification of the bar chair
- Jan 27, 2018 -

What is the classification of the bar chair

1, mung bean sprout bar chair: mung bean sprout, bar chair hollowing craft cushion, high-grade material, ensure product quality, bird nest design, beautiful design, comfortable sitting, considering the overall beauty, starting from details, highlighting the fine and fine products. Good comprehensive, resistant to resistance, easy to wipe, anti aging, durable, quality upgrade, super quality metal handle, firm and practical.

2, enjoy the bar chair: beautiful shape, exquisite and durable work, let the customers have a comfortable foot, is the feeling of sitting all day more comfortable. The seat cushion of the bar chair has the fashion of parcel and comfortable, hollow out process, meticulous workmanship, durable. A simple and stylish semicircular foot, beautiful, light and convenient.

There are many materials for bars, some of which are iron materials, some of them belong to cortical materials. In any case, their purchase price is related to material quality. When they are used, they also need to take care of maintenance requirements, especially some cortical materials.

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