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Research on College Students' seat materials
- Mar 04, 2018 -

        Brief introduction of the chair for students, every classroom - 3.1 lives, dormitory, canteen, so the seat occupies an important position in University life. According to the classification of the seat material: wood chair, steel wood chair, board chair, chair glass, iron chair, plastic chair, chair cloth, leather chairs, leather chairs, chairs and other foam by the use of classification: office chairs, dining chairs, bar chairs, leisure chairs, chairs, chairs and other special classification by industry: hotel chair bar chairs, restaurant chairs, cafe chairs, office chairs and other physical properties according to the classification of insulation: chair, anti-static chairs, chairs and other conductive classification by structure: fixed wood chair, steel chair, legs fixed with a lifting wheelchair with lifting claw, five star foot claw fixed seat and its causes of commonly used materials

(1) wood has good touch and strong material processing, but its durability is poor.

(wood treated by heat injection of preservatives also has strong durability.

Sex. With the improvement of wood bonding and bending technology, the shape of the chair

It has begun to diversify.

The characteristics of wooden tables and chairs: 1. Natural, environmental and healthy solid wood seats

Reveal the beauty of nature and primordial. The solid wood seat is in great bloom, from

Color analysis is its natural wood intrinsic color. The original wood - colored seat is natural,

No chemical pollution, this is a healthy fashion choice, in line with the modern urban people to advocate the psychological needs of nature. These materials from nature, reflects the harmonious relationship between human and environment, designers love to use these materials, adding to the people-oriented, nature based modern design concept, it can pull people and materials, the distance between man and nature, give a person a kind of intimacy.

2. Long service life. The service life of the board seat is generally 3-5 years. The life span of the solid wood seat is more than 5 times that of the plate seat.  3, the solid wood seat has the function of preserving the value. It can also bring the warm and moist "wood gas" to the home environment, so it is popular with the middle and high grade consumers. Its advantage is to reflect nature: natural texture, changeable form, and the surface of the seat generally can see the beautiful pattern of wood. 4. The solid wood seat has its own unique style of solid wood seat material

From the natural, the natural essence of the body, the real wood seat

Unique taste: high quality, heavy, long history of Chinese traditional language

The combination of modern and modern fashion factors into the seat design, for the seat

The chair gives the new connotation, and the chair design is more humanized, practical and present.

Generation, creating a new style of solid wood chairs, leading the new trend of the seat.

(2) stone is suitable for stone materials such as granite. Stone is hard, resistant to mansion, strong impact resistance, good decoration effect and common use in Europe. Because of the limited processing technology of stone, the change of its shape is less. And because its cold and hot speed is fast, the tactile effect is good at normal temperature, but when the temperature is too cold or overheated, the feeling of human tactile is not very good.

(3) the concrete raw material is rich in resources, low price, concrete mixture has good plasticity, adjustable, high strength, good durability, self weight, specific strength, low tensile strength, easy cracking, fast heat transfer materials such as absorbent, easy weathering, poor sense of touch, can be used in conjunction with other material.

(4) the metal materials are mainly cast iron, and the cast iron has a heavy sense of weight and durability, and it can be freely shaped. There are also metal materials used in stainless steel and aluminum alloy materials. Because of their high thermal conductivity, it is difficult to meet the requirements of the surface.  Now, because of the progress of punching processing technology, the metal sheet can be made into a net structure, and the heat dissipation is better. It can be used in the seat surface. Aluminum alloy, small caliber steel tube and so on can be machined into light and zigzag modeling.

(5) plastic material is easy to be processed and rich in color. It is generally suitable to make the seat surface and make the foot with other materials. But the plastic corrosion changes, poor strength and durability. In order to change the properties of the material, a composite of plastic and concrete can be used to enhance the strength of the material. ABS is the commonly used plastic, ABS has excellent mechanical properties, excellent impact strength, can be used under low temperature; ABS excellent wear resistance, good dimensional stability, but also has oil resistance, ABS has good electrical insulation, and almost not affected by temperature, humidity and frequency effects, can be used in most circumstances. And ABS is not affected by water, inorganic salt, alkali and a variety of acids.

design analysis

Sitting posture is the more natural posture of the human body, and it has many advantages. When standing, the joints such as the ankle, knee, buttocks and vertebrae are subjected to static muscle force to maintain an upright position. When sitting, they can relieve these muscle strength, reduce energy consumption and eliminate fatigue. Sitting posture than standing is more conducive to the blood circulation, standing, blood and body fluids to lower savings; sitting, muscle relaxation, blood pressure in the lower leg vascular resistance, reduced blood flow to the heart, and to keep the body stable posture, which is more suitable for fine work. In the foot operation, the sitting posture keeps the body in a stable position, which is beneficial to the operation.

High seat design: the basic level of the thighs, the calf perpendicular to the ground support. The popliteal pressure. The buttocks and thighs back edge of popliteal "elastic support on the chair surface".

Seat man-machine design: one, front seat: most writing and reading,

That is to sit in half.

1, when reading, put the elbow on the top of the upper body with the elbow. Occasionally one leg is folded on the other.

2, to sit in front of kyphosis, the spine is not the natural state; and to sit in front of the abdominal viscera extrusion, chest tightness is Ougan