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Humanized analysis of seats
- Mar 04, 2018 -

    When you are busy outside, you have to enjoy your home. Every joint of your body needs to find a place to relax, so sitting on a soft and comfortable sofa is the most suitable. Therefore, additions to the family a comfortable sofa is very important, and with the development of society and the improvement of living standard, zagu plays an increasingly important role in people's lives, the seat design also breaks through the traditional illuminance uniformity of thinking, emphasize more humanized design demand. Through the comprehensive consideration of the comfort and hue and the taste, the perfect combination of the building space is made. In modern family decoration, the role of the seat is not limited to rest, but more often it plays the role of decoration. Therefore, in the seat design, it embodies the essential characteristics of "people oriented", which is a kind of respect for the characteristics of human nature. Because the successful design can not be separated from the humanized design thought, attached to the humanized design. The power of calling emotion is an important part of the formation of the whole beauty. Now, advocating "humanization" has also been integrated into people's life as a modern design concept. Key word

Humanized design users need modern psychological needs


Ergonomics is one of the most important principles in the design of the sofa chair. This article simply expounds the design of the sofa

There are few aspects of the content of ergonomics, but the depth and breadth of its content is far from that. For humans, sofa design ergonomics involved in physiological and psychological aspects of the content; the sofa products, shape, structure, materials and related functional dimensions; in addition, the interior of the function, scale and environmental factors bring people use and psychological feelings of sofa styles, fabrics, scale other requirements.

We need to use scientific design theory, design method and evaluation method in the sofa design process, as a guide to design a good sofa products, to beautify our living and working environment, improve people's behavior, and improve people's rest and work efficiency, to achieve unified coordination -- sofa interior the environment.

Facing the current fierce competition market and more and more picky consumers, the consumer centered humanized design has become the theme of the times. The main focus of producers and designers is to study consumer demand and motivation. Humanized design is a real reflection of people's respect and health.

1.1 brief introduction of humanized design

Humanized design is based on human center and scale, and meets human's physiological and psychological needs, material and spiritual needs. To create a comfortable and elegant living space, so that people enjoy the fun and pleasure of the use of space. Human nature is fully released and satisfied.  People's mental health is more healthy, more emotional, more perfect human nature, to achieve the harmony of the characters.

The factors affecting the humanized design mainly include four aspects: environmental factors, human factors, cultural factors and the factors of the facilities themselves. The specific factors of humanization are numerous. My personal summary should include safety, beauty, comfort, popularity, material sense, recognition, harmony, regionality and culture. The different geographical and cultural, ethnic and historical environment, different traditions and different religious beliefs, different users, different factors are the performance of humane differences, we should fully analyze and use these factors to promote our human nature design.

A brief introduction of 1.2 sofa chairs

The varieties of sofa chairs include leather,

Cloth, metal, rattan and wood, perfect Home Furnishing, essential elegant seat.  Unlike in the past, sofas with simple lines, or transparent or colorful leaps, are becoming more and more popular with young people. In the busy city life, the sofa chair brings people the limitless and fashionable home enjoyment. Sitting in the chair, flying thoughts, warm and cozy. The sofa design is the theme of leisure furniture design, according to the target people who are in the life of people from the human body needs.

From the perspective of care, the design of modern sofa chair should not only satisfy people's most basic rest needs, but also make it humanized and interesting. It brings people a little comfort and a little condolence, but also brings infinite comfort and fashionable home enjoyment.

Functionalization: sofa chairs combine the advantages of the sofa with the chair, and add some other functions to meet the needs of different customers.

Interest: the transformation of natural form into a form of vitality and emotion.  Have a unique style appearance bring freshness to the people, including children, juvenile fun, fun fun features;

Personalized design can reflect the consumer's pursuit of life, a good personalized design in similar products can attract people's attention; humanized design refers to the design process, according to the human behavior, physiological structure, psychological situation and thinking mode and so on, based on the original design the basic function and performance, and optimize the construction of the audience to visit the exhibits, it is very convenient and comfortable. It is the respect and satisfaction of people's psychological and psychological needs and spiritual pursuits in the design, and the humanistic care in the design.

It's to people

Respect for sex. Pleasant and reasonable man-machine size should be determined according to body size, action amplitude, physiological characteristics and functional properties. Ecology is concerned with the whole process of product design, production and consumption.