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How to choose a table chair
- Feb 20, 2018 -

Currently on the market of the chair is very rich in species, full glass coffee table wood frame has trendy fashion, a simple, elegant Brown elm table, garden style wood color table, and in playing mahjong, and, as one of the multifunctional dining table etc..

Toughened glass table with heat resistance, abrasion resistance, scratch, impact resistance, easy cleaning and maintenance, Bach characteristics; elm table has the characteristics of hard wood, high strength, not easy to damage, easy to deformation chapped. Log table natural simplicity, not only can be used for a young couple in the world of two people dining, and can act as a tea table, coffee table, can be placed on the balcony, dining and entertainment be made one.

It is important to choose the quality of the table and chair. First, if feel comfortable sitting in the chair, if the arm can be naturally placed on the desktop is preferred. Second, we should look at the firmness of the chairs and chairs. Especially the dining chairs should pay attention to the frequent use of timber and splicing method. In general the traditional tenon structure is very firm, there is the use of elm, beech wood chair is firm. Third, in addition to sit chair is shaking feeling, but also through the observation of a chair leg without scar or crack repair marks to judge, not chair chair legs and supporting parts with a scar section and crack material, otherwise it will seriously affect the service life.

The table has a variety of styles, such as fixed, active, folding and so on. The household table is mostly square or round. A folded square steel table for sale has been selling well because it is suitable for a variety of space environment. Table styles and sizes, the visual size of living area and personal preferences to be independent, such as a spacious restaurant, of course, can choose a large table with gorgeous and elegant, luxurious layout, to celebrate the feast guests; if the area is small, a small table or a folding table is the most to share.