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How to choose a high - quality bar chair
- Jan 27, 2018 -

How to choose a high - quality bar chair

What's the height of the bar chair? In our life, the design of a bar chair must pay attention to its height, usually around 650-900mm. In fact, for the table, whether ordinary chairs or tailor-made furniture, its height requirements are more stringent, which is related to the comfort of sitting posture, but also related to the convenience of users, so we should pay attention to the height of the design requirements and chairs in this area, this is a fixed standard, such as the golden ratio requirements, generally speaking, the height of the chair of the table should be around 1/2, if not up to this standard, it is uncomfortable.

Testing the functions of the bar chair

First is the comfort of the bar chair. It can try to sit and feel the elasticity. Secondly, the matching degree of the bar chair is that the user can have different sitting posture; the bar chair can adjust the height freely, too high or too low is not good. In addition, it is also necessary to test the lift fluency, wear resistance, anti fouling ability and firmness of the bar chair. When you choose and buy, you should choose according to the actual needs.

The selection of the shape of the bar chair

The shape of the bar chair is rich, full of fashion and personality, and the size and specifications of the bar are different, and there is no uniform standard. Generally, it is based on the specific bar area and style preference.

The price of a bar chair

What are the brands of the bar and chair? In fact, when we know when the price of the bar chair, also need to take into account the characteristics of different brands of products, such as some good brand, its design style is exquisite, guaranteed plus its material quality, so the processing cost is relatively high, of course, sold price is not low. Therefore we should make a budget in this area, while also taking into account individual needs.

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