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How to choose a fashion design bar chair?
- Feb 20, 2018 -

A. The degree of the  chair - the degree of rotation of the chair is better.

B, comfort, and can sit for a long time - in addition to maintaining good body curve, a chair can never forget is to sit comfortably, and to sit comfortably, the cushion is of course extremely important way in order to maintain flexibility is not easy deformation, and because muscle is extremely important to support the body's influence. So excellent natural cushion give body appropriate support, which can reduce fatigue.

C, a three degree curved seat must accord with human body curve surface type seat can increase the thigh bottom and buttocks and seat contact area, the average pressure dispersion, not to converge at a certain point, at the same time because of a tilt, also has a stable pelvis effect, avoid sitting will slide forward, in addition the seat design, rounded, can reduce knee medial friction and contact, is beneficial to health.

D, the choice of bar chairs should also pay attention to small and design style, as long as the heart, nothing can be difficult to overcome smart owners.

E - each height adjusting device, fast light, accurate demand for height are different, but because of the height of the table is fixed, so the chair is well adjusted height, will become one of the important conditions