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How much is the normal size of bar tables and chairs
- Nov 01, 2016 -

Bar decoration is inseparable from the selection of tables and chairs, should pay attention to picking the right furniture, put in this bar is more fashionable, so how much is the normal size of bar tables and chairs?

Bar tables and chairs outside is rich, full of fashion and personality, natural scale rules vary, without a uniform standard, usually selected based on the operating space of the bar, pub tables and chairs also need basis depending on the comfort of the guests use, table and chairs should be supporting, and control in the context of a reasonable size.

Bar table scale based on the deployment of the Chair there are two, one is usually table, another was leveling high chair table. The former is usually much different from normal measure of table, height is approximately between 700~780mm, the latter often in 910~1060mm.

Desktop scale has Roundtable scale and square scale two species, bar Roundtable scale usually has φ 600mm (II people), and φ 800mm (four people), and φ 1200mm (six people), and φ 1400mm (eight people), and φ l600mm (10 people), and φ 1800mm (12 people),; bar square scale main has 600*600mm (II people), and 800*800mm (four people), and 600*700mm (II people), and 1200*700mm (four people), and 1600*700mm (eight).