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Dining tables and chairs to buy five tips!
- Nov 01, 2016 -

1. accessories installation is reasonable: check the door lock switch work spirit; large cabinets should Pack 3 dark hinge, only 2 No; 3 on the screw, cut corners, only one screw, by fall.

2. veneer furniture spell sewing strict not strict: regardless of is posted wood single board, and PVC also is posted pre paint paper, are to note leather whether posted have flat, has no bulge, and sparkling, and spell sewing not strict phenomenon, check Shi to at light see, or see not out, water song Willow single board veneer furniture more easy damaged, General only with two years, on wood single board for, planing side of single board than spin cut of good.

3. furniture package side whether flat: seal side uneven, description within material wet, days seal side on will off, seal side also should is round angle, cannot straight ribs right angle, with wood article seal of side easy damp or crack, plywood package set of furniture, package article at is with nail nail of, to note nail eye whether flat, nail eye at and other at of color whether consistent, usually nail eye is with PuTTY seal live of, to note PuTTY has whether drum up, as drum up description no, slowly PuTTY will from inside off out.

4. color to coordinate with the interior decoration: white furniture beautiful, but long time turn yellow, dark grey but not beautiful, and finally made that white is not white, black and white, in General, imitation mahogany-colored furniture, difficult to change.

5. the part to smooth paint: paint part of the furniture you want to smooth, wrinkle and pimple free, corner part of straight edge at right angles, straight edge collapse slag, paint, Siemens furniture should also brush paint, do not paint the Board easy to bend, not beautiful.