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Coffee Chair use and maintenance
- Nov 01, 2016 -

Coffee Chair during use, the correct use and maintenance of knowledge, lounge chair not only looks bright and clean as new, and you can extend the life of leisure Chair.

The use of environmental requirements
Various coffee Chair especially wood leisure Chair in using process in the, requirements indoor keep must of temperature and relative humidity, new buy of leisure Chair, recommends you except indoor should keep must of ventilation, addition indoor leisure Chair should avoid Sun direct, so as not to caused furniture surface color variable Ze or furniture cracking deformation, recommends you if indoor using air conditioning, should keep indoor relative humidity in 60% around, if may, can in indoor raised plant some flowers or ornamental fish, to appropriate increased indoor of humidity.

Regular maintenance
Coffee Chair of surface paint film coating, not only up to decorative and landscaping furniture surface of role, more important of is protection furniture surface, so should regularly on furniture surface paint film for glazing clean, recommends you General for three months for once, first used wet soft towel wipe to furniture surface of dust and dirt, stay furniture surface slightly dry Hou, with furniture wax or liquid wax gently wipe furniture surface for glazing.