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Chair features
- Nov 01, 2016 -

Bar stool shape are similar to ordinary chairs, but the seat high off the ground, usually bar stool seat size in 650-900mm, bar stool has a modern and metallic texture, a 360-degree turn.

Bar Chair in recent years in the Chair industry product development and production of derivative products, bar Chair is mainly composed of General accessories such as gas springs for Office chairs, trays, casters, and special speakers, panels and other components.

In recent years, with market refinement brings of Chair industry products style varieties diversification, part Enterprise see associate market, have development production's Chair products, and has became Chair industry block industry in the and a big series, however the products is no national, and industry or place standard, enterprise also not developed corresponding of internal control standard, to led to production process not specification, quality index not unified, products quality mixed, led products personality and advantage cannot reflected, test results cannot judge, reality, Restricts Anji chairs the sustainable development of the industry, but also seriously affects the reputation of Anji chairs industry as a whole.

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