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Bar stool purchasing knowledge
- Nov 01, 2016 -

1, kitchen and restaurant with a picture of the space bar as a dividing line, seating for people on both sides, spacious, very clean, restaurant tables and chairs match also pays particular attention for the pursuit of quality of life friends ...

2, at the time of purchase, if the Chair matching super high, were more likely to buy, for example, chairs that can be used by the body to move and make a different adjustment, because users can't be only a sitting position, if it were limited to death, this Chair is useless.

3, in addition to maintaining good body curves, one must not forget that the Chair is comfortable to sit, and sit comfortably, cushion, of course, is very important, to keep the elastic deformation, and because the muscles to support the body's influence is extremely important, so excellent cushion natural body adequate support, and reduces fatigue.