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Analysis of outdoor seats
- Mar 04, 2018 -

    At present, most of the campus outdoor lounge chairs was mainly made of wood and iron, after a long time the sun and rain, the rest chair peeling paint, iron rust phenomenon is serious, and some wood and even obvious cracking and decay, and with the increasing scale of the campus, some rest chair placement is not reasonable, not only cause rest chair function did not play out, but also affected the local beautiful campus.

On campus, the outdoor rest chairs, like ordinary chairs, should meet the requirements of ergonomics in size and comfort. Secondly, it has the same function as ordinary chair and park seat, but also has its own unique place.  Good campus environment, need to use a variety of products to decorate, of which the rest of the chair is very important. The outdoor rest chair on campus is different from the rest chairs in the park. The latter is mainly used for tourists' rest, while the former is not only for rest, but also a good place for students to learn. Therefore, to minimize mutual interference, this is particularly important in the design and location of the campus rest chair.

The campus rest chair must take into account the economy, practicality and beauty, and should adapt to the requirements of the times and try to use green products as much as possible. Although the wood has natural wood grain, beautiful, good texture, and has a natural cordial. However, China's forest coverage is small and the shortage of wood is serious. It is not economical for campus rest chairs to use solid wood in large quantities, both in cost and in resource utilization. Moreover, outdoor wood will cause larger size variation with air humidity change, causing warpage and cracking, perishable, flammable and susceptible to insect damage. Paint on wood surface is also easy to fall off.  Therefore, the wooden campus rest chairs need to be often painted and other maintenance work. Wood plastic composite, with both wood and plastic characteristics, has high durability, wear resistance and dimensional stability.  Wood plastic composite used in outdoor products such as decks, wild tables, and industrial floors

And so on, not only the maintenance cost is low, but also can be recycled. The wood plastic composite material is exactly the same as the solid wood in the installation operation. It can be stud, bolts can be fixed, can be sawed and cut, and it is easy to paint and dye. Wood plastic composite material is cheaper than real wood. And the source of raw materials is wide, basically is waste utilization, also can be recycled, non-toxic, is the ideal environmental protection materials.

2. the color of the rest chair

In color, people always prefer the elegant and elegant natural material. Kizawa Akiro, the natural material of the rest chair, make people have a feeling of kindness. Wood plastic composite looks almost nothing different from wood, not as cold as other materials.

3. form of rest chair

In order to satisfy the rest and provide a small interference learning environment, the newly designed rest chair avoids the monotonous strip shape, and adopts the combined shape of ring or back to back, which is beautiful and practical.

4. the arrangement of the rest chair

According to the characteristics of the campus rest chair, it is suggested that the rest chairs are in different positions.

The layout of the rest chairs should be adapted to the surrounding environment in different forms. If the rest chair campus on both sides of the road, can be arranged relatively compact, lounge chairs can be used to form the elongated shape, to facilitate people's teacher and students together with the rest; however, for the rest chair relatively quiet environment, such as the rest chair trail and the woods, often is a good place for students reading and learning, rest this chair in the environment, you can

In order to use the new design of the rest of the chair form. The main material of the rest chair is wood plastic composite.